Suffering From Bad Breath?

According to the Academy of General Dentistry upwards of 80 million people suffer from persistent bad breath. However, many individuals suffer from situational bad breath due to foods they eat, smoking, or dry mouth, which can be combated. Dry mouth can be caused by medications, smoking, or from mouth breathing which will all lead to bad breath, and those with poor oral hygiene will have worse bad breath caused by bacteria.

Morning Breath

Typically, bad morning breath is caused by lack of saliva production during the night. Breathing through the mouth or snoring can cause the lack of saliva production. Saliva helps clean your mouth by getting rid of debris and particles that may have been stuck between your teeth or gums.

How Xylitol Nasal Sprays Can Help Dry Mouth

Surprisingly enough, a nasal spray can help you fight off dry mouth during the night and bad breath in the morning. Many individuals sleep with their mouths open and snore because they aren’t able to breathe through their noses properly during the night. A xylitol nasal spray can help cleanse and moisturize and keep debris from sticking to the nasal passages, allowing you to breathe properly through your nose.

The Tongue Test

You might not realize you have bad breath throughout the day. You might think you didn’t wake up with bad breath, and you haven’t eaten anything smelly throughout the day so you’re good. Testing for bad breath is pretty easy. If you have a shiny pink tongue, without a white film over it, your breath is probably pretty fresh. A quick way to test your breath is to lick the inside of your clean wrist. Let it dry for a few seconds and then smell it. If you smell an odor, that’s an indicator you have bad breath.

How to Fight Bad Breath

While there’s nothing that will knock bad morning breath out in one fell swoop, you can take measures to reduce it. Brushing your teeth with a xylitol toothpaste, using xylitol floss, and scraping your tongue before you go to bed helps clean your mouth of bacteria causing debris.
Bad Morning Breath? Here’s How to Fight It.
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