We’ve talked about mouth breathing in several other posts, and we all know the troubles that can happen with chronic mouth breathing. But what causes it? There are a few things that can happen to cause mouth breathing, and we’ve detailed them below for you.

Nasal CongestionGroup 18

Nasal congestion can plug up your nose faster than you realize. How often have you woken up and realized you had a stuffed up nose, or gone on with your day only to realize you’ve developed a stuffy nose somewhere along the way? It happens to the best of us, especially during allergy and cold seasons. Using a sinus rinse, neti pot, or even a nasal spray with xylitol can help wash away irritants and reduce the inflammation that causes recurrent congestion.

Deviated Septum

Just about everyone is born with a deviated septum, and if we aren’t born with it then the flimsy green binky they give us in hospitals is sure to cause it (see research from Dr. Penti Alanen in Finland and how the use of binkies pushes the soft palate of the mouth up into the nasal cavity). However, it doesn’t affect most people long term. Then there are those who truly suffer from a deviated septum. This just means that their nasal septum is far more crooked than most individuals, which can then block off the nasal airway, making it difficult to breathe through their nose.


Turbinates are soft bones within the nose that are shaped similarly to wings. Normally these warm, humidify, and filter the air that we inhale, but when they become inflamed they can become enlarged and produce mucous. When this happens, they can cause discomfort and difficulty with nose breathing.

Infections and Allergies

Turbinates will become enlarged when suffering from allergies or an infection. This in turn produces a lot of mucus, which hinders breathing. Washing your nose helps keep these areas clean and improves breathing.

Flimsy Nostrils

For some, inflamed sinuses can cause the nostrils to cave in during inhalation. This depends upon the shape and thickness of the nostrils, but it can cause a struggle to breathe through the nose. Washing your nose can help keep it clean from the contaminants causing the inflammation.

xlear 300px - 250pxSensitive Nose

Many individuals suffer from sensitive noses. Do you know someone who is extra sensitive to perfumes or air fresheners? Or maybe that person is you. It’s not uncommon for certain environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure changes, chemicals, or odors to cause a reaction, which many will chalk up to allergies. This isn’t always the case, and it’s often just a sign of a sensitive nose. When this happens people tend to breathe through their mouths and can suffer from poor sleep quality, which can trigger a stress response.

If you suffer from any mouth breathing issues, it’s important to talk with a doctor to see how these problems can be improved or alleviated. If you feel like you are suffering from problems breathing due to seasonal issues, Xlear Nasal Spray can help you moisturize and clean your nasal cavity. Xlear Nasal Spray can help you with many airborne contaminants that may have found their way into your nose during the changing seasons.

The Xlear sinus care system can be found at your local retailer or on our online store. Inhibit mouth breathing and get Xlear.

What are Some of the Causes of Mouth Breathing?
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