Sinus troubles are the worst! When your congestion has been sticking around long enough to xlear 300px - 600px (1)ruin both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and all you want is to not sound like Darth Vader when you breathe, the most effective way to get back to breathing freely is to use a neti pot.

If you’ve never heard of a neti pot before, it’s one of the oldest forms of nasal irrigation. A neti pot is similar in shape and function to a teapot. It works by using gravity to create a positive pressure flow of liquid into one nostril, through the nasal and sinus passages, and out the other nostril. The traditional liquid solution used in a neti pot is just salt water. However, salt water alone can cause further irritation by drying out the sensitive tissues lining the sinus and nasal passages.

We’ve taken this traditional sinus care method and reformulated it to be even more effective by adding xylitol to our solution. Multiple research studies have shown that xylitol is very effective at reducing bacterial buildup in sinus tissue. There are studies showing that xylitol reduces bacterial adhesions of bacteria such as strep pnuemo, H. Flu, Staph Aureus, and Pseudamonas aeruginosa, the bacteria responsible for many of our upper respiratory issues. The combination of xylitol and saline not only flushes out these bacteria, but also gives your body an extra line of defense against future infections. Xylitol acts like a soap for your sinuses; it washes away the germs and irritants and keeps them from adhering to your sinus and nasal tissues. At the same time, the xylitol makes the solution hyperosmostic. This reduces swelling and moisturizes the irritated sinus tissues, making it difficult for irritants to stick around.

Using a neti pot is quick and easy. After mixing the dry ingredient packet with purified water, tip your head over a sink, tipping your head sideways to line up one nostril over the other. Gently insert the spout into the top nostril creating a seal and pour the solution into the nose. The liquid solution will flow through the other nostril and out into the sink. Once the solution has completely drained, blow your nose and repeat on the other side.

Using a regular salt water solution can leave a bad taste in your mouth, but the addition of xylitol makes for a very pleasant tasting product that is also much more effective at preventing future infections. The regular salt water solution is similar to rinsing your hands with water alone, while the xylitol is similar to washing with soap: it does more than just rinse, cleaning the surface and leaving the tissues moisturized and rejuvenated.

The next time you’re going through sinus troubles, try our neti pot with saline and xylitol solution for fast relief. It’s the naturally effective way to get back to breathing freely again.

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Neti Pot with Xylitol for Sinus Troubles
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