Nasal Irrigation Research

Xylitol and Nasal Irrigation Health Articles

Researchers have been looking at the medical benefits of Xylitol for many years.
One of the many benefits of Xylitol in Nasal Irrigation. It has been found that
nasal irrigation with a Xylitol based product results in a decrease in cohesion
of bacteria. Learn more in the following research articles:

target=”_blank”>The osmolyte xylitol reduces the salt concentration of airway surface
liquid and may enhance bacterial killing through nasal irrigation
Zabner J, Seiler MP, Launspach JL, Karp PH, Kearney WR, Look DC, Smith JJ, Welsh
Jan 01, 2002 – “Xylitol sprayed for 4 days into each nostril of
normal volunteers significantly decreased the number of nasal coagulase-negative
Staphylococcus compared with saline control.”

target=”_blank”>Use Xylitol to assist in nasal irrigation and in preventing acute
otitis media
Uhari M, Tapiainen T, Kontiokari T..
Dec 01, 2000 – “Xylitol inhibits the growth of Streptococcus pneumoniae
and it inhibits the attachment of both pneumococci and Haemophilus influenzae on
the nasopharyngeal cells. In two clinical trials xylitol was found efficient to
prevent the development of acute otitis media with a daily dose of 8.4-10 g of xylitol
given in five divided doses.”

target=”_blank”>A novel use of xylitol sugar through nasal irrigation to prevent
acute otitis media
Uhari M, Kontiokari T, Niemela M..
Oct 01, 1998 – “Thus, the occurrence of AOM (ear infection) during
the follow-up period was significantly lower in those who received xylitol syrup
or gum, and these children required antimicrobials less often than did controls.
Xylitol was well tolerated.”

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