Lite&Sweet, a blend of pharmaceutical-grade erythritol and xylitol, is a natural sweetener.  It provides the sweetness everyone craves without the calories, chemical aftertaste, and lasting effects like other sugar substitutes.  Exceptional for diabetics and those who are hypoglycemic, Lite&Sweet erythritol sweetener is metabolized without insulin and creates a significantly lower glycemic impact than common sugar. Our erythritol sweetener makes an excellent natural sugar substitute.

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XyloSweet, our 100% pharmaceutical-grade xylitol sweetener, is the sweetest replacement for natural sweeteners. Currently used in many sugar-free products, it is increasingly gaining acceptance as an alternative sweetener because it has similar bulk and taste as sugar, is safe for those needing to limit their sugar consumption, and it may also facilitate tooth decay risk reduction. Because of XyloSweet’s dental benefits, it is a great choice for improving your child’s oral health as well.

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