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Gentleman's Bistro Cookbook

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Sugar pervades much of the food we buy and make.

Aren’t you sick of seeing all your breads, drinks, dressings and sauces muddled with sugar? With xylitol featured in all 54 recipes, the Gentleman’s Bistro Cookbook provides healthy alternatives to a variety of delicious recipes that help your body feel good and your conscience even better.

Ryan Hogan, author of Gentleman’s Bistro, is committed to helping people find better food alternatives to ensure a healthy and happy future.

Words From The Author

The Gentleman's Bistro cookbook was originally made so I could share simple and healthy recipes to help improve the quality of my loved ones lives, specifically my daughter and mom. I was working in the health care industry and really wanted to share my cooking know how with the women in my life that I love the most. After I started to create more recipes, I soon realized that most of the world could benefit from them and just as easily improve their health, so I had to share it.

My daughter Nairie, like most kids, is constantly marketed to by companies, with unhealthy products, that only have profits in mind. My mom has also been presented with health challenges recently and wasn't sure which "healthier alternative" was right for her. To those who share my mother's concern, I recommend that you think of one of your own favorite recipes and if Gentleman's Bistro offers something similar, try it! One huge benefit of using a xylitol or erythritol sweeteners is the simple 1:1 replacement ratio, so there is no need to sacrifice taste or prep time.

After learning so much in the health food and sweetener industry, I highly recommend the use of non-GMO xylitol and erythritol sweeteners as the best option for sugar alternatives. This book contains naturally sweetened drinks, meals and desserts that almost everyone will enjoy. My easy recipes make removing refined sugar so simple and delicious, that you'll never go back to using inflammation and havoc-causing sugar or artificial sweeteners again.

Creating all these recipes has really helped me learn just how easy and life changing clean eating can be. Not only has it positively affected my life, but the lives of all the people that mean the most to me.

- Ryan Hogan


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