Xylitol Products: Gum, Candy, Sweeteners, Nasal Spray, & More

Get Quality Xylitol Products to Improve Your Health and Smile!

Xlear’s Xylitol products contain 100% safe, all natural, and delicious xylitol. Xylitol has been shown after 25 years of clinical studies that it can produce better dental health. A happier set of teeth means you will be wanting to show off those pearly whites. Taking care of your teeth with Xlear dental care products (such as toothpaste, mouthwash, gum and more) will keep you smiling all day long.

Xylitol Product Benefits

  • They have 40% fewer calories than sugar sweetened products
  • They are great for your teeth
  • They produce no side effects (except more smiling)

XyloSweet® – Xylitol Sweetener

Xylitol Products - XyloSweet

Starting at $7.95
XyloSweet®, a xylitol-based sweetener, is the sweetest of all bulk sugar substitutes. Currently used in many sugar-free products, XyloSweet® is increasingly gaining acceptance as an alternative sweetener; using it may reduce the risk of tooth decay. Unlike artificial sweeteners, XyloSweet® contains all-natural xylitol — nothing else!
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Xlear® – Xylitol Nasal Sprays

Xylitol Products - Xlear Nasal Wash

Starting at $6.99
The Xlear Nasal Spray line contains xylitol, purified water, salt, and grapefruit seed extract as a preservative. Using xylitol allows us to have a hyper-osmotic solution which helps pull moisture toward it. This action keeps the nasal passages and sinuses moist for a much longer time than saline alone. Xylitol is the ingredient that sets our products apart from all of the other products.
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Spry® – Xylitol Gum

Xylitol Products - Spry Gum

Starting at $8.95
Not only does Spry® gum taste amazing, but Xylitol gum may reduce the risk of tooth decay.
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SparX® – Xylitol Candy

Xylitol Products - Sparx Candy
Starting at $1.49
SparX® are naturally flavored little candy “dots” that are rich in Xylitol. Kids love the great taste while parents can feel confident that they are giving their kids a treat which actually helps improve dental health
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