XyloSweet® Xylitol Sweetener FAQ

Is XyloSweet® Pure Xylitol?

Yes. XyloSweet® is 100% pure xylitol. There are no fillers, flow agents or processing aids added to XyloSweet®. It is the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade xylitol.

Can diabetics and hypoglycemics safely use XyloSweet®?

Xylitol is safe for people with diabetes and hypoglycemia because it gets into the cells without insulin and can be used to make glucose. Therefore, it has a minimal effect on blood sugar levels. The glycemic index is 7. Since yeast cannot metabolize xylitol, XyloSweet® is an ideal addition to any sugar-controlled diet. Since xylitol has zero “net” carbs it can be used in any low-carb diet as well.

What is the calorie content of XyloSweet®?

It has 40% fewer calories than table sugar. There are 9.6 calories per teaspoon. (4 grams)

What is the XyloSweet® to sugar exchange ratio?

The xylitol to sugar ratio is 1-1. This makes it easy to replace in almost any recipe!

Can you use XyloSweet® to cook?

Yes, it is interchangeable with sugar for most cooking applications. However, since yeast cannot metabolize it, XyloSweet® Xylitol sugar will not work when baking breads or anything that contains yeast. Furthermore, it does not crystallize as much as table sugar so it does not do well when making peanut brittle or other hard candy. Finally, the amount required to sweeten drinks such as lemonade, may cause diarrhea in some people until they become accustomed to it.

What is the recommended daily intake of XyloSweet®?

There is not a recommended daily intake. Simply use it as a sweetener.

Where does Xylitol Sugar come from?

Corncobs and birch trees are the main sources for commercially produced xylitol. The corn grain is never used and all of the raw materials as well as the finished product are thoroughly tested to ensure purity. XyloSweet® does not contain any residual corn allergens, proteins, mycotoxins or other contaminants. XyloSweet® is produced from non-GMO materials and is gluten-free.

What size container does XyloSweet® come in?

XyloSweet® Xylitol Sugar comes in four convenient sizes:

100, 4g Single serving packets
1 lb mylar bag
3 lb mylar bag
5 lb mylar bag
For pricing and availability, please visit the Sweeteners section of the Xlear Store

What is the shelf life of XyloSweet®?

The shelf life of XyloSweet® is 2 years.

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