When it comes to your oral health, there’s no better champion for healthy teeth than xylitol. Xylitol helps increase your mouth’s natural defenses, curb dry mouth, and does it all while tasting deliciously sweet.

Why the sweet taste? Because xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol commonly used as a sugar substitute or sweetener, which isn’t something you would normally equate to healthy, strong teeth. When we think of sweet foods, we usually view them as antecedents for cavities and bad black teeth; however, xylitol based sweets don’t fall into that category. In fact, they're actually good for the teeth.

There have been quite a few studies on the benefits of xylitol for oral health. These studies recommend people “Strive for Five,” or aim for five doses of xylitol per day for the best oral health benefits. We’ve made this easy to achieve with our Spry xylitol Dental Defense System. With a wide variety of products available it makes it easy--and fun--to get your xylitol 5 times throughout the day.

When you make the easy switch from sugar or aspartame chewing gum to xylitol gum, you help improve the quality of your oral health. And when you pair this simple change with brushing your teeth with xylitol based toothpaste, you can have all of your doses of xylitol taken care of without adding anything to your daily routine.

So how can you impress your dentist on your next visit? Start chewing xylitol gum, which improves oral health in a variety of ways. Many individuals don’t like using fluoride, and thanks to xylitol you can still protect your teeth from demineralization and plaque without it. Xylitol can even help stimulate salivary flow and neutralize acids, bringing your oral pH back to a healthy level.

Spry xylitol gum is not only great for adults, but is safe for children too. So go ahead, impress your dentist on your next visit. Show up cavity free with the help of Spry xylitol gum.

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