Dry mouth. It can be a cause of concern for those wanting a healthy, clean mouth. Saliva is the body’s cleansing system for teeth and gums. It helps carry away unwanted food particles, which can begin the process of tooth decay, while also helping to remineralize the teeth. But if you have dry mouth, it means your teeth and gums aren’t getting the exposure to saliva that they need. More cavities could form and gingivitis could crop up. That means you might need to make more trips to the dentist. On top of all these problems, dry mouth can also cause halitosis, which is the medical term for bad breath. And no one wants to deal with bad breath.

People suffer from dry mouth due to physiology, medication, or age. They can also have a dry mouth if they aren’t hydrated or breathe through their mouths. Many times people try to relieve their dry mouth with hard candies or even cough drops. This solution presents a problem. The sugar in the candy or cough drop will cause tooth decay, especially without saliva to help cleanse the mouth. This is not the answer to the problem.

Depending on the reason you have dry mouth, there are good options to keep it hydrated.

Stay Hydrated

First, make sure you are always well hydrated. The body depends on water to perform its normal functions, one being the production of saliva. There are many differing opinions on how much water to drink, but most commonly, health professionals recommend drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, which equals to about two liters.

Breathe Through the Nose, Not the Mouth

Second, if you are a mouth breather, take the necessary steps to correct it. The nose is built to breathe and the mouth is built to eat. Mouth breathing causes a host of problems in the mouth and body. Specialists like myofunctional therapists, and TMJ doctors, can help you start breathing through the nose with exercises or an appliance. If you feel like you are stuffed up and can’t breathe through your nose, use Xlear Nasal Spray. It is a natural saline spray with xylitol, which effectively alleviates congestion by cleansing the nose and sinuses and reducing sinus tissue swelling.

Use Xylitol Products

Last, if you have dry mouth for other reasons, use products with xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that helps moisturize. Spry has multiple options to help alleviate dry mouth. Spry Moisturizing Mouth Spray and Dry Mouth Gel are specifically formulated to hydrate the mouth. If you are keen on candies or cough drops, use xylitol-sweetened Spry Mints or Gems. They will help moisturize without the cavities. Xylitol is even good for your teeth and will improve oral health.

Choose to keep your mouth healthy by keeping it hydrated the right way with Spry.

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