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1. True or false? Sinus washing has been around for centuries.


2. True or false? Saline alone can dry out the sinuses.


3. True or false? Saline with xylitol can help manage sinus inflammation without the use of steroids.


4. Why are dry sinuses a problem?


5. What is one way xylitol inhibits the formation of bacterial biofilm?


6. One way a xylitol nasal spray helps people breathe better is…


7. Xylitol inhibits this common bacteria found in the inner ear from adhering to tissue.


8. Xylitol’s moisturizing properties help these tiny hairs in the nose move and dispose of allergen-laden mucus.


9. A xylitol nasal spray’s high tonicity allows it to…


10. A xylitol nasal spray can help reduce the rapid spread and formation of super bugs by…


11. Demographic question: In what state do you currently practice? If Non-USA, simply list the country.

12. Demographic question: What is your professional title (examples: physician/surgeon, nurse practitioner, resident, administrative or office management)?

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