It is said that the Grinch had a change in his heart

Enlarged by a factor of three due in part,

To Holiday Spirit and Cindy Lou Who

Who saw him so different, with goodness all through.


He joined in the singing. Sliced roast in a cinch.

With holiday jollity, smiled the Grinch.

But the Whos down in Whoville all squirmed in their seats.

The Grinch had so many big bugs in his teeth.


He opened his mouth and sang out a long note.

The smell of bad eggs in the air hung afloat.

The tree in the room went dark brown and did wilt.

The turtledoves flew, leaving nests they’d just built.


“Oh, no!” cried the Grinch, seeing every nose pinched.

“Again destroyed Christmas. Again you’ve been Grinched.”

With all Whos a-stirring, and scooting away.

Only one little Who by his side chose to stay.


“Please stop, Mr Grinch,” she did say as he stressed.

“We want you to join us. We want you to fest.

Don’t worry about your bad breath or your teeth.

I have a quick fix, a surprise underneath.”


To the tree she did point, where one box lay alone.

“What’s that?” cried the Grinch, flossing his teeth with a bone.

“A treat that is yummy and sweet just for you.

A treat that will keep your mouth fresh and clean too.”


With a flick of the wrist and a rip of the wrap

The Grinch pulled a pack of Spry Gems from the scrap.

“These mints freshen breath and will clean my teeth too?”

She nodded and grinned and said “Yes-sir-ee-do.”


The Grinch took the mints. In his mouth they did go.

A smile stretched across his green face with a glow

“My breath feels so fresh, just as fresh as new snow.

Spry Gems are the best!” And once more hearts did grow.