Get a healthier, happier smile by chewing Spry dental gum. Dentists and hygienists agree it’s the best way to care for your smile when brushing and flossing isn’t an option.

Since ancient times, people have chewed gum to clean their teeth. The act of chewing itself promotes salivation, which washes away left over food particles and reduces the formation of plaque. Although, not all gum benefits your smile. Artificial sweeteners and sugar can have an adverse effect on your oral health. When you chew a piece of gum, it remains in your mouth longer than the food you chew and swallow. In essence, you are bathing your mouth in its ingredients.

Spry dental gum was thoughtfully formulated to freshen your breath, boost your health, and improve your smile. Spry is natural and contains the best ingredients from the highest quality sources. Instead of sweetening our gum with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, we find xylitol to be great tasting and great for your dental health!

Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from plant fibers like corn cobs and corn stalks. For more than twenty five years, clinical researchers around the world have been proving xylitol to be extremely beneficial to dental health. Not only does xylitol taste great, but it has a significant impact when introduced orally.

As an ingredient in dental gum, xylitol effectively cleanses the teeth and gums while gently moisturizing the sensitive oral tissues. Xylitol creates an unwelcome environment for bacteria. It breaks down bacterial biofilm, the home for bacteria, and keeps your smile bright and healthy. Researchers have also found that xylitol can help in the tooth remineralization process.

A healthy smile is a happy smile. When brushing isn’t an option, chew a piece of Spry dental gum. It’s great tasting, good for your health, and deliciously natural.

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