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My Story:

“Xylitol? In a nasal spray? Why would you put xylitol in a nasal spray?” I can’t tell you the hundreds of times I’ve heard this question over the past five years as an Education Manager for Xlear. However, Xlear Nasal Spray has changed my life and it’s one reason why I love what I do for a living.

Before I was introduced to Xlear Nasal Spray in 2010, most of my adult life had been plagued with nasal congestion and sinus infections. I discovered Xlear and Spry xylitol products at the CareerFusion conference, which Xlear sponsors each year. As a practicing dental hygienist I immediately fell in love with the concept of protecting the teeth with xylitol, but it took me a while to wrap my head around the benefits of xylitol in a nasal spray. Even though I didn’t understand the science behind it at that time, I began using Xlear throughout CareerFusion and immediately noticed it was easier to breathe. It made me feel better and that’s all I needed to know to keep using it.

Working as a full-time hygienist, I easily came down with colds, which often turned into sinus infections. When my general physician didn’t know how to treat me any longer by just prescribing steroid nasal sprays, I was referred to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. Over the years at the ENT’s offices, I have undergone numerous in-office procedures where a camera scope is inserted into the nasal passages for a thorough inspection. Then the doctor uses a laser to burn out swollen nasal tissue. Each time the doctor started the procedure I could see and smell smoke from my burning tissues. Blood would drain down my throat. For a week or so after the procedure my nose would be swollen from the trauma of the procedure, and in three to four months when the tissue had grown back, the procedure was repeated.

After moving to Sacramento, I had a new ENT who convinced me my deviated septum was the source of my problems and surgery would help relieve my symptoms. He said I’d be off work for about three days. The reality was it took three weeks for me to recover from this surgery. The pain was amazing, and I had lost a lot of income due to being off work. Unfortunately, I continued to have congestion and sinus infections, and kept filling prescriptions for steroid nasal sprays.

Because I wasn’t aware of the power of xylitol, I continued using steroidal nasal sprays (now over the counter) even after I discovered and regularly used Xlear Nasal Spray. Because of this regimen, my upper respiratory health steadily improved until I moved into a house where there was a park with acres of grass directly behind the fence. Soon after the move my hay fever and congestion symptoms flared up and my physician again prescribed a steroidal spray and recommended allergy testing. Sure enough, I tested positive for grass allergy. The allergist wanted me to see a renowned ENT from UCSF to figure out what could be done to help. This ENT told me to buy nose cones, which are inserted into the nostril to keep the nasal flares from collapsing. He then asked the dreaded question: “Can I scope your nose?” Having had this done numerous times before I really didn’t want it done again, but I trusted his advice and agreed. I’m glad I did because what he told me was frightening. This time the scope showed damaged and scarred nasal membranes and a hole in my septum caused by long-term use of prescription nasal sprays. He said I needed to get off those steroid sprays and I replied, “I know just the product that can help me do it!”

I raced home and ordered the nasal cones (which didn’t help at all) and began an intensive regimen of Xlear Nasal Spray every four hours. After a couple weeks my congestion decreased, I was more comfortable, and could breathe through my nose at night. Some nights weren’t easy to get through, but I toughed it out and ridded my system of the steroidal sprays. No more ridiculous nasal cones or breathe strips at bedtime. And because I could breathe at night, I felt more rested in the morning. This is not a novel concept but one that is easy to forget—especially when your body is fighting against you, and all you want is symptom relief! You can see why I’m such a strong advocate for Xlear Nasal Spray and why our CE, “The Nasal & Respiratory Benefits of Xylitol,” is my favorite course to present.

Why Xlear works:

The patented mix of xylitol and saline attracts moisture out of swollen tissues so there is less tissue volume, resulting in more space for airflow. It also works by facilitating cilia movement to move infected mucus out faster. Also, just like it does in the mouth, xylitol prevents biofilm from adhering to tissues which can lead to sinus and ear infections. There is nothing addictive in the Xlear Nasal Spray such as oxymetazoline hydrochloride commonly found in over-the-counter congestion-reducing nasal sprays, so you will never have a rebound effect when using Xlear. There are only three natural ingredients to this amazing product: xylitol, saline, and grapefruit seed extract. As with all Xlear and Spry products, the ingredients are non-GMO and pharmaceutical grade purity.

Has nasal congestion ever made you feel miserable and tired? How about trying to enjoy a delicious meal when you can’t breathe nasally? Have you ever tried to kiss someone when your nose is blocked? Not easy to do – or very romantic, for that matter! Let Xlear help you breathe better! Xlear Nasal Spray can now be purchased at CVS Pharmacies and Target, as well as health food stores and online retailers.

If you have a testimony about how xylitol has changed your life or your dental practice, reach out to your regional Xylitol Education Manager and let us know.  To learn more about the science of xylitol in a nasal spray, and how and why it is very beneficial to both patients and clinicians to implement nasal spraying before dental procedures, please contact us for a complimentary CE webinar or to have one of us speak for your next meeting or event.

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