We wouldn’t want your Thanksgiving to be ruined, so it’s important to note that there’s a lot more to tasting your dinner than you may think.

When I was thirteen I had surgery correcting a deviated septum incurred from an elbow to the face during soccer practice. I whole-heartedly welcomed getting things straightened out and opened up again (the septum had completely blocked one nostril), but there was a huge downside. In an attempt to make sure I didn’t miss too much school, my mom scheduled the surgery just before Thanksgiving.
When Turkey Day rolled around it was like the Superman of meals hit Kryptonite. The homemade rolls, juicy turkey, creamy mash potatoes, savory stuffing—and don’t forget that warm apple pie and ice cream—all lost their heavenly flavor.

How was my dinner-of-the-year ruined? With my nose on the mend, my sense of smell was shot. And with no smell, my taste was incapacitated too. How does that work?

The sensation of flavor is a combination of both taste and smell. In a complicated process called chemosensation, the taste buds and nose detect molecules released by foods, which then stimulate nerve cells. These cells send messages to the brain where different flavors are identified. As you chew, air pushes through your nasal passages, which carries the smell of the food along with it. Without the interchange of taste and smell, a person can’t experience complex flavors. That’s exactly what happened to me.

With the cold and flu season in full swing, the odds that you or someone in your family is congested are high. If you’re congested, that means air can’t pass through your nose, and your sense of smell is kaput. And then it’s like Hermione Granger has stupefied your tastebuds.


The best way to make sure your airway is open and you can breathe freely is by using a saline nasal spray enhanced with xylitol. Xlear’s natural saline solution uses xylitol to clean the nose and clear the passageways. With the nose washed and open, you’ll breathe better—and taste that delicious meal better too.

Make sure you’re breathing well this Thanksgiving with Xlear. You’ll thanks us later.

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