Nate Jones appeared on the popular podcast ZDoggMD, a program created by Dr. Zubin Damania. Dr. Damania is known for satirical comedy related to the medical industry and challenging the status quo in healthcare. With hundreds of thousands of followers he has become a strong voice among doctors and nurses. Dr. Damania invited Nate Jones to talk about Xlear Nasal Spray, specifically how the saline-based xylitol solution is beneficial in the airway.

ZDogg entered the conversation with a skeptical eye, but after discussing xylitol’s mechanisms against bacteria and the supporting studies, he became quite interested. ZDogg also related some anecdotal evidence, sharing that one of his co-workers who often got sick began using Xlear and hasn’t experienced any cold or flu symptoms.

Among the evidence given during the podcast was studies on xylitol’s ability to inhibit bacteria’s ability to stick to tissue. They also discussed xylitol’s ability to breakup bacterial colonies called biofilms. In order to grow and flourish bacteria need to adhere to tissue and create these biofilms. With the introduction of xylitol in the environment, bacteria are rendered ineffective and eventually will move out of the area to survive.
The pair also talked about how a xylitol nasal spray opens up the airway. A study found that a xylitol solution increased peak airflow 36% more than saline alone. This increase in peak airflow results in a person being able to breathe more easily.

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Take a look at these comments posted on ZDoggMD’s video of their discussion.

I’m a PA in ENT and prescribe this to my patients many times a day (pediatric and adult). Very happy with it!
After years of 3-4 years of colds and sinus infections along with 3 cauterizations due to excessive bleeding from Flonase, I stumbled upon Xlear. Coming up on my 2 year anniversary with the product which has meant 2 years cold and sinus infection free. For a teacher this is amazing!
My highly respect immunologist said that this medication was a bunch of hooey. Then he tried it and has been giving to his patients with very good results. I tried it and it’s great. The difference is that you don’t get the rebound stuffiness like you get with saline.
My 12 year old has had dozens of sinus infections since she was 7. We tried steroid nose sprays, saline nose spray, allergy shots, allergy meds, neti pot…and more. We had CTs done, many rounds of antibiotics, many days of school missed because of fevers related to the sinus infections and nothing helped until Xlear. No infections since starting with the Xlear 9 months ago!!!!!
For me, Flonase and Nasacort didn’t work…neither did Vick’s inhalers, steam treatments, neti pots, or saline sprays. I even went to a Specialist who ordered a scan of my sinuses and an allergy panel…everything was fine…I was at my wits end until, through my own “research”, I stumbled upon Xlear. I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try….Because of this simple daily spray, my severe congestion issues are GONE!
ZDogg MD Interview with CEO of Xlear, Nate Jones
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