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Lite&Sweet and XyloSweet Natural Sweeteners

Did you know that the average American consumes approximately 150-170 pounds of sugar each year?  That’s 30-34 five-pound bags—enough sugar to almost fill up a bathtub.  No wonder we suffer from so many health issues in America. Luckily, Lite&Sweet and XyloSweet Natural Sweeteners give you a better, healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lite&Sweet and XyloSweet feature xylitol, a naturally forming sugar-alcohol found in fruits and vegetables. Not only is xylitol a completely natural sweetener, but it improves oral and nasal health as well. Lite&Sweet and XyloSweet are non-GMO, gluten free, and have fewer calories than sugar; which are just a few of the health benefits of being xylitol products. Give up the guilt of having a cookie or two and switch to Lite&Sweet and XyloSweet Natural Sweeteners.

Both sweeteners include xylitol, a natural sweetener backed by thousands of clinical studies
Made with 100% non-GMO sourced ingredients
Contains natural ingredients with no fillers, flow agents, or additives
All sweeteners are certified gluten free
Offer much lower caloric intake than table sugar

Some of our best sellers

Lite&Sweet – 4gr Sachets (100ct)


XyloSweet – 5lb Bag


Lite&Sweet – 1lb Bag


XyloSweet – 1lb Bag


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