XyloSweet Xylitol Sweetener

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Very pleased with this sweetener. I’ve tried many others, and they leave a terrible after taste, and are not good for you. Now I tried Xylitol Sweetener no after taste at all, just as good as sugar without the extra calories.
– Nancy C. Smith (Amazon.com)
We have been using this product for three years as a sugar substitute! We serve it to our friends and family and no one has been able to tell the difference.
– James Gogan (Amazon.com)
This stuff tastes like sugar. I can’t tell the difference. I use them exactly the same. I would definitely recommend it. Much healthier choice for those of us with a sweet tooth!
– Jeanne Kelly (Amazon.com)
I totally LOVE XYLOSWEET! It is by far the best sweetener in the land! It tastes JUST like “normal” sugar — you CANNOT tell the difference.
– Dotty (VitaminShoppe.com)
If you’re like me and can’t stand sugar alternatives, pick one of the many, you should buy this stuff! I just bought 4 more pounds! No nasty after taste and it’s supposed to be good for your teeth!
– Roy L (VitaminShoppe.com)
I really like this product. I have tried many natural sugar substitutes, but none of them tastes so good and feels like real sugar.
– rbashir (SwansonHealth.com)