Are you more of an interactive learner?  Enjoy these videos for Xlear Sinus Care, Spry Dental Defense, and our Natural Sweeteners!
Xlear founder Nate Jones discusses the benefits of his nasal spray on CNBC’s Squawk Box… and the anchors can’t stop talking about it.
What makes Xlear Nasal Spray with xylitol better than saline alone? Our actor-doctor lays it all out in plain English.
A semi-eccentric professor of Nasalogy discusses the Brief History of the Nose, along with Xlear’s place in sinus care history.
Xlear sinus care is great for families. Any super-mom can tell you that.
Love Xlear sinus care and hand-drawn cartoons? This is the video for you, in which the Nose family explains their sinus care conundrum and xylitol solution (pun intended).
“How does she keep her kids from getting cavities?” Your dentist will be asking the same question once you implement the Spry Dental Defense system in your home.